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Shahbaz College Of Pharmacy Islamabad
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Message From Director

By the grace of Allah Shahbaz college of pharmacy technician, Islamabad has evolved exceedingly well in a short span of time. This institute takes pride in the high quality of its teaching and research activities. Many other disciplines are in pipeline as well.
This institute aspires to generate a class pharmacy technician who can add value to society. We also inspire students to be adequately prepared for life work. We invite you to share our passion.

Mr. Rana Naeem Abbas

Director Of Shahbaz College Of Pharmacy


Message From Principal

Dr Rizwan Ch (Rph) Degree = Pharm_D FROM PRINCIPAL'S DESK Education is not to be confined within the walls of a classroom. Education is to provide means to enable a person to transcend the limitations of human perception and to understand the organic growth of the world to place oneself fit to perform one's role efficiently in the interest of lager order of existence. Education is a process to cause transformation to the finest of our thought, feelings and deed. It is to free ourselves from being ignorant, harmful and parasitic. It is to create cultured, developed and compassionate human minds with efficient working skills. Thus, aims of Shahbaz College of pharmacy technician need to focus on Quality, Value and Employability skills and work towards the objective of achieving a just and peaceful society while performing our assigned duties honestly and we conduct ourselves in such a way that we find everywhere all abundance and serving the needy becomes the central point of our life. Regards; Principal Shahbaz College of Pharmacy Technician Islamabad

Dr. Rabbia Aslam

M.Phil (Pharmacology)

Riphah international University


Comsats University Abbottabad

Principal Shahbaz College Of Pharmacy Islamabad